Hopkinsville head coach Jeff Addison was going to make Henderson County earn the goals it got on Wednesday night.

The Lady Colonels only got one, but it was enough to push it past the Lady Tigers 1-0 in the Second Region semifinals at the Stadium of Champions.

Addison said his game plan was to tighten the gaps in his defense to make it difficult for Henderson to get anything going.

"Just drop off and we'll give them space to play in front of us," Addison said. "We want to limit gaps that they can hit through balls through, we want to limit space behind them, and if space gets over top of us, then we wanted Vy (Nguyen) to come get it."

The Lady Tigers made it difficult for the Lady Colonels to get anything solid offensively.

Their approach did exactly what it needed to for the first 40 minutes -- keeping the Henderson offense at bay while taking chances where they could. The Lady Colonels led in chances and shots but had nothing to show for it on the scoreboard.

In the second half for the first 15 minutes, it was much of the same; however, Henderson had turned up the pressure a notch.

The scoreless tie wasn't broken until Reese Crafton lofted the ball up from about 30 yards away that just aired over the head of Hoptown keeper Vy Nguyen in the 58th minute.

"I think they just picked up their level of play," Addison said. "At some point you want to bend and bend and bend, but you don't want to break. I don't think we broke -- I knew that when that girl hit that long shot that it was in."

With the Lady Tigers now having to be on the offensive, they pushed their way to a few chances, but ultimately couldn't get anything to go, this allowing the Lady Colonels to take the win and advance to the Second Region Championship.

Despite the one goal getting by, Addison said Nguyen did everything she could to give the Lady Tigers a chance to win the game.

"You have to have a good goalkeeper like Vy to put a game plan in like that because you know you're going to give up shots," Addison said. "We did and she was there every time except one."

While losing five seniors, Hoptown returns a bulk of its team for next year. Addison said he is proud of his senior class.

"I can't rave enough about how much Greer Givens has improved. How well Anna King improved in one year (and) Sarah Johnston," he said. "Keeli (Miles) finally got to where she was scoring lots of goals. I'm really proud of that group."

But Addison is also optimistic about the players he has returning and is hopeful they can stay healthy between now and next season.

"The more games we got to play in this tournament, the better we were going to be for next year and the next year after," he said.

Hopkinsville finishes its 2019 season with a record of 12-10.


HHS0 0 -- 0

HCHS0 1 -- 1

HCHS: Reese Crafton (1 goal)

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