A brother's bond is never broken, even if they are going to be miles apart, when being together is all they've ever known.

Heritage Christian Academy baseball players Caleb and Josh Jones have been together every step of the way and got to share another moment together Saturday.

The two seniors for the Warriors were honored side-by-side for their contributions to the program, and neither would have it any other way.

"I feel like it was the culmination of all the hard work we've put in together," Caleb said. "Just me and him up there, it was cool. Being able to share that with him is an awesome moment."

The pair transferred to HCA for their final two years of high school and have brought a spark to the Warriors' baseball program, who is trying to win their first Kentucky Christian Athletic Association state championship since 2010.

"Their family was very integral of starting a baseball program at another school when they were in the fourth grade,"

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HCA head coach Darryl Crawford said. "They came over here last year and really brought some energy to our team and just the school. They're just good kids, they love the Lord, they're fun to be around and they bring a lot of laughter to the team. They get serious when it's time to get serious, and they're a lot of fun to be around."

Transferring schools is a difficult process for most. Going from a place where you know a lot of people to another with new faces provides a big challenge. But one thing Caleb knew is that he would always have his brother.

"He's helped me a lot and in a lot of different ways that he doesn't even realize," Caleb said. "Coming to school here, it was me and him, then everybody else. He was the only person that I had. I trust him and lean on him for a lot of things so I'm very thankful for him in and out of baseball."

However, part of the journey is the end. And after this season, the pair will be apart for what seems like the first time, going off to start their lives in different places.

Josh and Caleb have been in school together from the start, even sharing classes together. On the field, it has been the same, too.

"Right now, I don't feel like I'll miss him too much, but once he's gone, I know I will," Josh said. "We fight all the time, but we love each other to death, and there's really no one else I'd rather have as my brother."

Caleb will be taking his talents to Plymouth, Wisconsin, to play baseball for D-III Lakeland University and said the choice to play baseball for the Muskies was the right one.

"Lakeland is a great academic place for me and I wanted that first and foremost," Caleb said. "An opportunity to play baseball at the Division III level I felt was really cool. Great location, the city isn't too overwhelming. I love the coaching staff. Great campus. I just think it was a great fit all around."

In a way, the two are already creating a legacy on their own. Caleb has made the decision to play collegiate baseball.

Although Josh has yet to decide if he will play baseball at the next level, he most definitely could if he makes that choice.

Josh is at the top in the state with a .680 batting average, which also slots him in eighth in the country, according to MaxPreps.

He said he put in the work over the offseason, and no matter what happens at the plate, he knows what he is capable of doing.

"I just worked a lot in the offseason with my batting instructor, and he's helped me tremendously; without him I wouldn't be nearly as good," Josh said. "He's refined my mechanics and everything. I just came in and stayed confident all season. Even when I would hit dinky outs or had an awful game, I would just keep on my mind and know that I'm a good hitter. Keep my swing the same and just do what I do."

The two brothers still have the chance to win one more championship with the Warriors this season and put a cherry on top of this chapter in their lives.

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