The Hopkinsville swim team will return to the pool next week as long as school is in session and will look to return to form prior to the pause quickly ahead of its upcoming meets.

The Hopkinsville swim team is looking to return to the pool next week after sports have been on a pause due to inclement weather over the last two weeks.

While that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, for swimmers it’s almost like going back to the beginning of the season.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers will now have to get back in shape and prepare for the rest of the season ahead.

Hoptown head coach Keith Marquess said along with missing practice and meets over the last two weeks, they have had to cancel Monday’s meet as well just so they can get back into the water and practice for the first time.

“We haven’t been able to practice, I haven’t seen my kids,” Marquess said. “Only through text have I communicated with them since the decision was made. We’re hoping to go back to practice on Monday. We were supposed to have a meet but we canceled it because we haven’t been in the water for two weeks.”

Two weeks is a long time for sports that depend on athletes being in peak endurance to compete at the highest level.

“It doesn’t take any time to get out of shape,” she said. “We had honestly just gotten back to building up some endurance. We’re not starting over, but it’ll be different.”

Hoptown will have time before the big meets, as the KHSAA announced changes to the postseason format for swimming at Wednesday’s Board of Control meeting.

There will not be a state swimming meet this season due to COVID-19. Instead, there will be three semi-state meets. All the times will be put together and those will serve as the state results.

“It’s kind of like making the most out of a bad situation,” Marquess said. “I hate it for one because the regional meet is on spring break. ... There’s not a good solution I don’t think. They’ve discussed different scenarios throughout the winter and I guess what they decided on was the best way to accommodate our season.”

The region swim meet is set to take place the week of April 5, with the semi-state meets taking place the week of April 19.

Marquess said there were options to have a full state meet, but the board decided against that.

“They did discuss having it at another facility,” she said. “The girls one week and the boys another week and breaking it up into sessions. There were all kinds of different scenarios presented.”

Nevertheless, the Tigers and Lady Tigers will jump back into the pool next week to continue their season. Marquess is hopeful it won’t take long for her team to return to their form prior to the pause.

“I would hope not,” Marquess said. “Swimming is unique and I feel like you need to be in the water consistently. We were supposed to have a meet on Thursday and we don’t know if we’re going to have to cancel that or not.

“A lot of programs are still getting to practice because they don’t swim on their school campus. But we’ll just have to wait and see when we get back in the water and see how it goes from there.”

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