Hopkinsville quarterback Treyvon Jefferson carries the ball during the Tigers’ win over Henderson County.

After getting some time to watch the tape from Friday’s win over Henderson County, Hopkinsville head coach Craig Clayton was pleased with what he saw.

“After watching the film I was really surprised with how well we played,” Clayton said. “It actually looked better on film than it did at the game. For no scrimmages, no nothing, and no spring practice I thought it was very good.

“There’s a few things that we need to get cleaned up. Some snaps, our kicking game wasn’t what it should’ve been. Just a little blocking, tackling and technique work.”

Now that he has watched over the tape, Clayton and the Tigers have shifted focus to Friday in the battle for the Bragging Rights trophy against Christian County.

The biggest concern the Colonels present to the Tigers is L’Ray Coleman.

Coleman is fresh off rushing for over 200 yards in County’s win over Madisonville-North Hopkins last week will face a Hopkinsville team that is inexperienced in the second level with their linebacker room.

Clayton said Coleman is a top priority for him and the Tigers will need to slow him down in order to win.

“He’s put on quite a bit of weight — but actually he’s carrying the weight pretty good,” he said. “He’s definitely the guy that we’re going to have to make sure to stop.”

As far as the linebacker room is concerned, Clayton said they may not be there yet, but as long as the season continues, his linebackers will get to where they need to be.

“I think the experience factor is going to keep helping those guys,” he said. “We’re probably played two, three, four and five guys out there right now. Really our sophomore class we think is a really good class but without spring practice and without summer practice, they’re just not there yet mentally and physically right now just to help us. … We should be a very deep team here in three or four weeks.”

It’s still very early in the season given teams only have about five weeks of preparation for the year to this point. Clayton said one of the biggest things his team is still hashing out is getting his players lined up correctly pre-snap.

“Probably the main thing is getting lined up right,” Clayton said. “I was talking to coach Lovelace and he said his biggest problem was getting them lined up right as well. I think both teams will do a better job of getting where they’re supposed to be.”

Hoptown and County will kick off at 7 p.m. Friday at the Stadium of Champions.

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