Cody Hartness Hoppers

A fifth baseball player with connections to western Kentucky has joined the Hoptown Hoppers.

Cody Hartness, a Western Kentucky University freshman, was announced as a new addition to the Ohio Valley League team Wednesday evening.

Hartness, an infielder at WKU, was introduced along with Pepperdine University infielder Duncan McKinnin.

“Cody was one of the first guys we signed when we got this job,” said first-year manager Brock Moss of  Hartness. “He plays for a WKU team that is on the rise in Conference-USA. He matched very well with the profile we wanted. He’s a 6-foot-3, 225-pound, physical left-handed hitting presence. He should be a middle-of-the-order bat for us and offer a lot of raw power out of the bat.”

McKinnin continues the seemingly annual tradition of the Hoppers having a member of the Pepperdine Waves and California native on the squad.

“Duncan keeps the Pepperdine pipeline going for the Hoppers and that was something (Hoptown general manager John) Bruce said was very important to the Hoppers,” Moss said. “He played in the (Big Ten Conference with Purdue) as a freshman and saw action in 37 games. I think that speaks to the type of player that Duncan can be. We fully expect him to be the next in line of successful Hoppers to come from the West Coast.”

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