Ricky Gehres’ first season at the helm of the Christian County Colonels came to an end on Thursday night as his team fell 47-6 to South Warren in the first round of the playoffs.

Christian County traveled to Bowling Green on Thursday night to face off against the South Warren Spartans in the Class 5A Playoffs with an opportunity to shock the entire state of Kentucky.

One of the Colonels’ better performances of the season came against South Warren as they scored 20 points on the Spartans, the most by any team in the state of Kentucky.

However, that type of performance didn’t carry into Thursday night as the Spartans cruised to a 47-6 win over County to put an end to Ricky Gehres’ first season at the helm of the Colonels.

South Warren looked much like a team capable of going the entire way to a state championship on Thursday night, taking advantage of a young Colonel team — something that didn’t look as easy at times in the team’s first meeting just under a month ago.

The Spartans scored 20 points in both the first and second quarters of play on Thursday. South Warren scored 20 points in about eight minutes in the second quarter to start the running clock up 40-0 on the Colonels.

County did get on the board late in the contest when Jordan Miles connected with JaSean Riley for a 71-yard touchdown pass after a long day offensively.

The Colonels struggled to muster much offense against the Spartans but when they did, negative plays and penalties reared their head on the young bunch.

County finishes the second straight year with just one win. But the Colonels do have a lot of youth in key positions and are poised for an improvement as Gerhes gets his first full offseason with his team to further mold County into the team he desires it to be.

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