Much like softball’s list yesterday of the best players I’ve seen during my time in Hopkinsville, the baseball list is a little long as well.

With multiple Division-I athletes and several playing at the next level, it was difficult to come up with a starting lineup so I ended up going with five outfielders and five pitchers in addition to the infield.

For that reason, the bench is a little larger than what an actual roster is but oh well, baseball has been good.

I’m sure someone will want to debate me and that’s fine, but this is my team during my time in Hopkinsville.


C: Robert Justus, Hopkinsville

It didn’t matter if Justus was on the mound or behind the plate, he left everything on the field. His duel with County’s Lane Diuguid was one of the best high school games I’ve ever seen.

1B: Jase Polley, Christian County

Polley did what he needed to do at first base but it was his bat that did most of the noise. Polley had several big hits during his tenure and he definitely left an impact on the program.

2B: Austin Fields, Christian County

Fields could play pretty much anywhere for Trey Wheeler and the Colonels. He was a solid second baseman before making the move to catcher his senior year ago.

SS: Eric Silvy, Christian County

Silvy got it done at short and on the mind but also hit better than .300 during his junior and senior seasons. Silvy has continued his game at the next level and dealt at Brescia before COVID-19 derailed his freshman campaign.

3B: Wyatt Stevenson, Christian County

Stevenson raked at the plate throughout his career and didn’t let a back injury hinder him when it most definitely could have.

OF: Drew McGowan, UHA

McGowan is seeing his name on this series for the second time as he also made my best basketball players list. The scary thing? McGowan is a better baseball player. McGowan is just getting started in his collegiate career and he’s sure to shine.

OF: Riley Stallons, Trigg County

I know for a fact Stallons didn’t have the senior year he wanted but his junior year was phenomenal. From bombs to catches, Stallons did it all for the Wildcats.

OF: John Duvall, Hopkinsville

Duvall hit .398 during his senior year with two home runs and 21 RBIs. Duvall was a leader for the Tigers as they won the Second Region last season.

OF: Koby Silvy, Christian County

Silvy was a defensive stud for the Colonels his senior season as he had a 1.000 fielding percentage during his last year at County. He also hit .457 with a home run and four RBIs that season. Silvy was a stud.

OF: Layne Jorgensen, Hopkinsville

Thursday I said County’s Pickle Winkler may have the highest ceiling for area softball players. Jorgensen or teammate Preston Chaudoin could take that title today. Jorgensen has a gun for an arm and also has pop at the plate.

P: Jonathan Beymer, Hopkinsville

Beymer was a hurler at Hoptown and continued his career at the next level so much that he was drafted earlier this year. Beymer will be on a lot of lists for standout Tiger pitchers.

P: Lane Diuguid, Christian County

Diuguid’s senior season on the mind is definitely one that I’ll remember for a long time. While he was only 1-0, he didn’t allow a run in 19 innings and also gave up just seven hits while adding 28 strikeouts. He also hit .328 at the plate.

P: Luke Welch, UHA

Welch has been dealing for a couple of years for the Blazers and he’s just scratching the surface of what he can do.

He’ll be a big factor for UHA whenever it returns to the field.

P: Preston Chaudoin, Hopkinsville

I’ve said already Chaudoin has a high ceiling and that’s definitely the truth.

While he may not look like it, Chaudoin brings the cheddar when he hits the hill.

P: Jake Terrell, Trigg County

Terrell was a standout hurler for Tim Bush and the Wildcats.

Terrell continued his career at the next level and is also suiting up for the Hoppers for the summer campaign.


Ashton Plymale, Trigg County

Juan Lopez, Christian County

Tanner Thomas, UHA

Caleb Bapp, Hopkinsville

Savion Radford, Trigg County

Weslee Choate, Trigg County

Ryan Myer, Hopkinsville

Layton Stallons, Christian County

Cameron Crider, Christian County

Josh Jones, HCA

Dalton Bearns, Hopkinsville

Lucas Womack, UHA

Dan Johnson, UHA

Tanner Thomas, UHA

Landon Snyder, Hopkinsville

Blake Sowell, Hopkinsville

Arlon Butts, Trigg County

Darrin Brown, Trigg County

Micah Brown, Trigg County

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