Now that my first sports season at the New Era has come to an end, I sit and think about the last three months.

What a time it has been.

While there have been many baseball and softball games and trips to Ruff Park for tennis, it has been more than just the games and matches to take in.

In short, the last three months have been a lot of fun -- minus the hour trips to Hoptown from Murray for the first two months. Ever since I found a place here, it has been full speed ahead.

I've been all over the place in the last month since arriving, and being at all the games and meeting the people in the area has me excited for what the 2019-20 athletic year holds for the schools in our coverage area.

I've seen stunning victories, defeats, championships and much more in just a short period of time, and every time I come home from a game or an event, I'm ready to head back out for another.

I've gotten to witness the high level of competition the 2nd Region has in store. As you saw in the regional baseball and softball tournaments, it was wide open on both sides.

That was just a testament to the talent that not only this coverage area has, but the region in general, and let me tell you, going to watch these games has been a blast.

But now we move toward the summer.

Normally the summer in sports is slow, and that's how it was for me before coming here.

I'd go to the camps and an event here and there, but that was all my summer coverage was for the most part.

Moving here and getting to cover the Hoptown Hoppers during the summer is going to be a lot of fun, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the games I've already been to this season.

That and the normal summer activities will lead to an enjoyable time in what normally is a slower time of year for prep sports.

Every day is one day closer to the fall, and I can't wait to start hashing out football previews and getting prepared for the 2019 football season.

I hope you have enjoyed having me around these past three months, and I can't wait to continue the coverage in the region. There is still more to be seen, and we still have a lot of ideas.

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