The Christian County Colonels have had to deal with pauses in their season due to COVID-19 more than a good number of teams in the state.

After already having a two-week shutdown early in the season, the Colonels had to adjust their practice schedule after Christian County Public Schools announced all extracurricular activities were put on a hold outside of football two weeks ago.

While County was still able to practice, it had to follow some guidelines set down by the school district.

“It’s been different, just how with COVID it’s been all year,” County head coach Steve Lovelace said. “The biggest thing is I don’t think we have much rhythm offense wise. … You have to take what you get now.”

Having a rhythm issue heading into the first round of the KHSAA playoffs, is not a good issue to have and Lovelace said most is due to having to sit out a lot this year.

“We’ve sit more than we’ve played week-wise,” Lovelace said. “I think that’s part of football. By this time of the year, you’ve played enough to work out all the kinks and I don’t think we’ve done that. But that’s what it is. You feel bad for the seniors because the talk was about getting to play but you still want to play good. That’s the cards we’ve been dealt and now it’s time to go play them.”

The rhythm issue is slightly more of an issue when you are tasked with playing a top-five team in the state like the South Warren Spartans.

South Warren enters tonight’s contest a perfect 5-0 on the year and finished at the top of the district. It will be a tall task for the Colonels, who fell to the Spartans 49-8 on Oct. 23.

Lovelace said he felt like his team didn’t show up in that matchup.

“I don’t think we came out and played,” he said. “I think we went through the motions and just drug through the mud. I told our kids to just come out and compete. Whatever happens will happen but at least you can say you laid it all out on the line. I told our seniors this could be their last game so they need to leave it all out there.”

In order to pull off what would be one of the biggest upsets in all of the state tonight, Lovelace said his team needs to show up and play.

“I like our chances if our kids just show up and compete with them,” he said. “If something bad happens, don’t lay down, just keep battling.”

County and South Warren will kick off at 7 p.m. in Bowling Green.

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