While the week off for the Christian County Colonels may have helped them get healthier but the break may have also caused them to lose a little focus.

Some small disconnects from County allowed the Madisonville-North Hopkins Maroons to walk away with a 44-14 win over Christian County on Friday night.

County head coach Ricky Gehres said the break that his team got may have been the reason for the mental mistakes his team made on the field.

“We haven’t gotten over the hump and we’re not good enough to take breaks right now,” he said. “I know we’re in a pandemic but we’re just not good enough to walk away from practice. We have to find a way — even if we’re down to our fourth string at every position — we’ve got to find a way to practice.”

The Colonels were within striking distance at the half after Jordan Miles found JaSean Riley for a 25-yard score to make the game 14-6 going into the break.

Getting the ball back to start the second half put County in prime position to potentially tie the game.

But at the start of the half, those mental mistakes crept back in.

On the first play from scrimmage in the half, the Colonels turned the ball over and game Madisonville the momentum back after taking it from them right before the half.

The Maroons went on to score 30 points in the second half.

“I told them we can’t make any more excuses,” Gehres said. “Embarrassed is the word I would use. I’m not embarrassed of my kids, I’m embarrassed by the product we put out on the field. I felt like we weren’t organized. It felt like we didn’t know what we were doing. We can say COVID this, or quarantine that. We don’t have all of our guys — which is true — but it doesn’t matter. If you’re doing it at practice, you should be doing it in a game.”

Despite the loss, Gehres said he is still proud of his team.

“I’m still very proud of these guys,” Gehres said. “We know we’re better than this and that’s the problem. They should be embarrassed and they are. They’re good kids and they take full responsibility like we do as coaches. They’re going to be focused and ready to fix those problems.”

County will have to turn the page and focus up for the big one next week as Christian County and Hopkinsville square off.

He said he knows his team will be ready to bounce back from Friday night’s loss.

“If I got to get you up for this game, you aren’t ready to compete,” Gehres said. “If there’s one thing these kids don’t lack, it’s confidence. You have to have that at least. We’re still learning how to be disciplined … and we have to fix that as a team.

“They do not lack confidence, they do not lack pride. They are still very proud to be on their side of the railroad tracks in this city and they’re going to fight with everything they’ve got to come out of that game with a victory.”


MNH 7 7 16 14 — 44

CC 0 6 0 8 — 14


MNH: Lajuan McAdoo 8-yard run, PAT good, 7-0, 7:02 1Q

MNH: Chris Price 5-yard run, PAT good, 14-0, 9:33 2Q

CC: Jordan Miles 25-yard pass to JaSean Riley, PAT no good, 14-6, 0:31 2Q

MNH: Nojah Jimenez 22-yard field goal, 17-6, 6:26 3Q

MNH: Wyatt Coleman 1-yard run, PAT no good, 23-6, 4:58 3Q

MNH: Lajuan McAdoo 42-yard run, PAT good, 30-6, 0:21 3Q

MNH: Wyatt Coleman 30-yard pass to Quintin Rodgers, PAT good, 37-6, 10:12 4Q

MNH: Wyatt Coleman 57-yard pass to Javion Martin, PAT good, 44-6, 6:18 4Q

CC: Jordan Miles 49-yard pass to KJ Vaughn, 2-point try good, 44-14, 3:07 4Q

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