Hopkinsville’s Mikayah Killebrew rises for a layup in a practice with the Lady Colonels last week.

The Christian County Lady Colonels still have a sour taste in their mouth after last year.

After dropping the Eighth District championship last season to the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers, Lady Colonel head coach Kiki Radford said her upperclassmen are eager to reach the top again in the district.

“That’s one game and one moment that they’re not going to forget,” she said. “These seniors want to come out and reclaim the district championship. That’s one thing they’ve already been talking about. They want to be able to cut down the nets their senior year and gain the respect back. … This year they’re eager to get their respect back and reclaim what’s theirs.”

Returning a majority of their production from a year ago, as well as a healthy Trinity McGee slated to return to action for the first time in over a year, County appears to be right back where it wants to be.

Radford expects a jump from junior guards Destinee Catlett-Watkins and Mikayah Killebrew this season.

The pair were thrown into the fire as sophomores and got some valuable experience over the year.

She expects to see them really step up for the Lady Cols when the year begins.

“Last year was big for Destinee and Mikayah,” Radford said. “They were young but they were able to get varsity experience. With conditioning and workouts, they’ve been motivating their teammates and motivating each other. They’ve been getting better. Destinee, I’m seeing the leader that I knew she was — it’s coming out of her now. Mikayah is just being Mikayah. She’s showing it on and off the floor. On days when we’re running, others are dreading it and Mikayah gets out there and leads by example.

“They’re both juniors this year and Mikayah has been getting some looks so hopefully that’s going to be some extra motivation to get her going.”

Then you have their five seniors. Radford said the senior group is ready to get going.

“They’re just ready and eager to get back out there,” she said. “When we first shut down, you could see their emotion. I just want them to come out here with no regrets. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Those five seniors — they all are just pushing each other, push their teammates and hopefully, they get a chance to get out there and play.”

The schedule is exactly what you’d expect from Radford. Right out of the gate, the first two contests are district contests with a game against Murray jammed in between. Radford said she’s ready to see her team live up to the challenges she has set for them.

“I’m not one to shy away from competition or a challenge,” Radford said. “We were able to schedule a lot of varsity games. We’re playing anyone and everyone you can think of. … We open up on the fifth against University Heights then on that Friday we’re going down to Murray High School. … Hopefully, we’ll be able to play all 23. Whatever games we’re able to play, we’re going to be blessed and appreciative to get out on the court.”

County kicks off the season on Tuesday, Jan. 5 against UHA.

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