Christian County’s KJ Vaughn goes up for a layup in the Colonels’ contest against McCracken County at the 2021 Summer Shootout.

With multiple stops and starts to the year, Toby Miles and the Christian County Colonels were never able to get into any sort of a rhythm on the floor.

That led to an 0-11 season in Miles’ first year at the helm.

As County has had more time on the floor this summer consistently than it did during the summer, Miles is eating it up.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it and they are too,” he said. “I keep reminding them that everything could get shut down at any time. They’re starting to have fun with the game again and I hope we can just continue to get better.

“They see that we’re enjoying it and they’re doing the same. We get a chance to talk to them a lot more. We’ve got a lot more time in the day with them now. We can talk, they can see the game from a mental standpoint and try to translate that onto the court.”

While it’s just the summer season and the records mean practically nothing, there’s no doubt the

Colonels have already made improvements from a year ago.

“They’re starting to come together and gel as a team,” Miles said. “I’m loving what I’m seeing. I want to see them be successful and they want to help each other become successful as well. That’s always a good thing when you see a player happy about their teammates’ success.”

Miles’ main focus this summer with his team is to just see his kids improve each day moving into the end of the summer period this week.

“Even though it’s the summer, we’re still wanting to see them improve,” he said. “A lot of improvement is done during the offseason. Why not get better by playing in these games. No days off. That’s what we’re looking for.”

One of the hardest things on the Colonels last year was the lack of continuity.

They would show up and play for two weeks then it would all be stopped for two weeks. That was a consistent issue with County as they played as many games as its football team did during the fall.

While it seems we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, Miles knows it could all be stopped at any given moment and is hoping his players embrace that.

“They understand it can be stopped so they’re going to make the most out of their opportunity,” Miles said. “When we kept starting and stopping, it was hard to keep them focused. They now know if we do get back in it, they have to be locked in.

“Now they see the continuity and when they see that, they’re going to go hard at that. … They’re enjoying every moment.”

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