Christian County’s Emma Fleming wins a ball in the Lady Colonels’ loss to Henderson County.

Christian County played well against Henderson County for 60 of the 80 minutes in the contest.

But Henderson made them pay in the other 20.

County fell 5-1 on Wednesday night in the battle of the Lady Colonels, giving up four of the five Henderson County goals in the first 10 minutes of the two halves (two in the first half, two in the second).

“They were able to get those because we didn’t pressure as quickly as we should’ve,” County coach Avery Seeger said, as he is still filling in for head coach Hannah Ambrose. “It’s something we’ve been working on in practice and was a problem in the last game. They realized their mistakes after the first 10 minutes of each half, continued to put the work in and started pressing.

“When that happened it caused them to put their heads down and made them make mistakes and we got some opportunities from that.”

However, Seeger wasn’t disappointed in his team for how they played as the last time County played Henderson in 2019, it ended in a 10-0 defeat.

“Henderson is a very solid team,” he said. “I told the girls to go out and give 110% and focus on the things we’ve been working on and play our game that way.”

Down 5-0 in the game, County did manage to get on the board as Megan Lacy scored the lone goal for County in the loss.

In his short time filling in for Ambrose, Seeger said he has seen the Lady Cols improve and continue to build and buy into the system.

“I’ve noticed over the last few practices and the last game, our effort has stepped up and they’ve wanted it more and they’ve started to believe what I was saying temporarily and what coach (Hannah) Ambrose has been saying,” Seeger said. “I think they’ve noticed and I’ve noticed that they’ve grown and gotten better.”

County will return to action on Sept. 14 against Hopkinsville.

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