Christian County’s Trinity McGee dribbles down the floor during practice this week. McGee will play her first game in over a year when the season kicks off after tearing her ACL last year.

A year ago, Christian County’s Trinity McGee suited up for a game, like any other game day during her career.

She didn’t expect what was to happen that night.

Now a year removed from tearing her ACL, McGee is ready to make up for her lost time as a senior.

“I knew it was something bad because I couldn’t get back up and I couldn’t walk,” McGee said of the injury. “As we went through it started to get a little better and I could walk a little, but I still had to go to the doctor. When I went and they told me I tore my ACL, that was really shocking to me.

“The whole process, it was kind of tough. But I just had to keep working through it and keep pushing to get back on the floor.”

McGee has been working hard since being cleared to return to physical activity. She said it was a struggle at times, but she didn’t expect it to be easy either.

“The rehab was alright,” she said. “I knew it was going to be tough because it was my knee and I have to get the range of motion and stuff back. When I first got released I was kind of scared to run and do a lot on it because it was fresh. I was really nervous. As I kept going and I kept running on it and doing better. I’m still to this day working my way in slowly.”

Lady Colonels’ head coach Kiki Radford said McGee has been working hard getting past the injury physically, but you could see early on there was a mental aspect as well.

“When we first started conditioning when she was released, you could tell she was favoring it a little bit,” Radford said. “She was showing a little precaution as far as how fast she runs, how she turns, when she jumps. Now, she’s realizing it’s her senior year, whatever happens,0 is going to happen. She’s been working hard. She’s working with the trainer to get some exercises outside of practice just so she can be back 100%. She’s been a force all three years of her high school career so she wants to go out with a bang in her senior year. She doesn’t want to let her teammates down. … She’s working her butt off to get back to where she needs to be.”

Recovering from an injury that puts anybody out for a year tends to have mental ramifications to go along with it.

McGee said there was a mental game to come with it, but she’s happy to have gotten past it to this point with the help of those around her.

“My teammates and my parents and my coaches were there to help me through this process,” McGee said. “Having them as support really helped me out a lot.”

McGee led the team in scoring prior to her injury last season and has her eyes set on that again in her final year with high expectations of her team.

“I just plan on being the same person I was starting the season (last year) before the injury,” she said. “As a whole, I can see us going to regionals and winning it.”

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