The Hopkinsville Lady Tigers celebrated their senior class on Monday night at home, but the Webster County Lady Trojans spoiled the seniors’ big night, defeating Hoptown in straight sets (25-23, 25-24, 25-9).

The Lady Tigers had opportunities to take they either led or were tied late into the set. However, it was Webster that came out on top in the two sets.

Hoptown head coach Jessica Shepherd said her team needs to be better about moving on from their mistakes when they make them.

“I always tell them that they need to take a breath,” Shepherd said. “Coming off a mistake I always tell them to try and make the next ball better. Worry about the next ball.”

The Lady Tigers led 23-19 at one point in the second set.

In the third, it belonged completely to Webster County.

The Lady Trojans walked away with a 25-9 win in the third set. Shepherd said Webster exploited a situation on serves that has been a problem for Hoptown so far this season.

“To me, it really looked like a serve and receive issue,” Shepherd said. “They left a couple serves in a spot that we know is a problem for us -- a spot that we’ve practiced on -- we let one player get six or seven points on us in that spot. It’s just a matter of getting back in the gym and going over that very specific things.”

Moving forward, Shepherd said they’re going to have to work on a couple of things in order to get things right throughout the rest of the year.

“We’re going to have to work on serve and receive and communication within serve and receive,” she said. “I have thrown a lot of different rotations at these girls so if I’m going to do that in the future, communication is going to have to be the biggest thing for this team.”

Webster County 3, Hopkinsville 0

WCHS (2-1) 25 26 25 -- 3

HOP (0-3) 23 35 9 -- 0

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