Lady Tigers rebuilding in 2019

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Hopkinsville Lady Tigers coach Anthony Babb talks to his team during a game last season.

Coaches rarely want to say they're rebuilding but after the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers lost multiple starters and more than 40 points per game last season, Coach Anthony Babb is having to work a little bit harder this offseason.

The Lady Tigers graduated Jayla Rose, Breon Oldham and Yogi McKnight from last year's roster, and Donisha Flowers is the lone returning starter.

Juniors Lakayla Samuel and Jakayla Epps are two players who had varsity minutes, but they'll have a bigger role this year as both find themselves in the starting lineup.

"I'm looking forward to an exciting season," Babb said during Second Region Media Day. "These girls have been working extremely hard. We challenge them every day. They know how much they have to put in and what's at stake. We're trying to build right now.

"We lost three important key factors last year so they know they've got to step their game up and compete this year."

Flowers was the fourth leading scorer from last year's team, and Babb will look to her to be a force in the paint as well as lead the Lady Tigers on the scoreboard.

Babb is no stranger to the Lady Tigers program and he's built his team on communication. This year's team is no different.

"We always tell them if we don't communicate it causes conflict, so we try to make sure we do as much talking as possible," he said.

Junior Dashiya Radford and sophomore Shaterrea Bellamy are the other two starters for Hoptown this season as the Tigers only have one senior on their young roster; that roster has a combined nine freshmen and sophomores.

"Brick by brick we're trying to lay that foundation," Babb said.

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The Lady Tigers only play three regional foes before the end of 2019, including rival Christian County on Dec. 13.

Hoptown starts the season at 6 p.m. Tuesday at home against Kenwood (TN)

Box this....starting lineup

Jakayla Epps

Donisha Flowers

Lakayla Samuel

Dashiya Radford

Shaterrea Bellamy

Box this....schedule

Dec. 3 Kenwood (Clarksville), TN home 6:00 PM

Dec. 6 Muhlenberg County away 6:00 PM

Dec. 7 Fort Campbell away 12:00 PM

Dec. 10 Northwest (Clarksville), TN away 6:00 PM

Dec. 13 Christian County home 6:00 PM

Dec. 17 Logan County home 7:30 PM

Dec. 20 Owensboro home 7:30 PM

Dec. 21 Union County away 1:30 PM

Dec. 27 Dresden, TN 4:00 PM

Dec. 28 Paducah Tilghman at Calloway County 6:00 PM

Dec. 28 Calloway County away 10:00 AM

Dec. 30 McLean County away 3:30 PM

Jan. 3 Fort Campbell home 6:00 PM

Jan. 7 Madisonville-North Hopkins away 6:00 PM

Jan. 10 University Heights away 6:00 PM

Jan. 11 Caldwell County away 4:30 PM

Jan. 13 Owensboro away 7:00 PM

Jan. 14 Northeast (Clarksville), TN home 6:00 PM

Jan. 17 Hopkins County Central away 7:30 PM

Jan. 21 Graves County away 7:30 PM

Jan. 24 Christian County away 6:00 PM

Jan. 28 Henderson County away 7:30 PM

Jan. 31 University Heights home 6:00 PM

Feb. 3 Trigg County away 6:00 PM

Feb. 4 McCracken County home 7:30 PM

Feb. 8 Webster County home 5:30 PM

Feb. 11 Todd County Central home 6:00 PM

Feb. 20 South Warren home 7:30 PM

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