University Heights Academy’s DJ Quarles sizes up his man in the Blazers’ 63-60 road loss at Madisonville-North Hopkins.

MADISONVILLE — Everything was going right for University Heights Academy on Friday night in Madisonville.

Then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

Leading 50-41 going into the fourth quarter, the Blazers had all of the control in the game. The Maroons sparked a 15-0 run to start the fourth quarter and UHA head coach Grant Shouse was issued a double technical foul and ejected as Madisonville-North Hopkins escaped with a 63-60 win over the Blazers.

Shouse said he felt he needed to step up and fight for his players and that was what led to him receiving both technical fouls.

“That was part of the reason for the technicals,” Shouse said. “I thought on one end there were calls that should’ve been made and ones on the other end that were made. I’m going to stand up for my guys. I hate that it cost us the game. Obviously you don’t want to give up the points. The rest of it, it is what it is.”

Madisonville opened the fourth on a 9-0 run, Shouse was tossed and Kale Gaither made all four technical free throws to eliminate what was a nine-point Blazer lead and turn it into a six-point Maroon lead.

Prior to receiving the technicals, Shouse thought his team did a good job of keeping some distance between them and Madisonville on the scoreboard, but the Blazers’ fell short down the stretch.

“We’ve yet to play a full 32 minutes,” he said. “We’ve played good in stretches of every game that we’ve played. We’re real close. We’re right there. We played better (Friday night).

“I thought we did an outstanding job building the lead more than one time. I just thought that run was induced with some help. I’m tired of that and I’m tired of taking it and I’m just not going to take it anymore.”

Although the game ended in a loss, UHA was able to limit the post in the loss. In their loss to Lyon County, Jackson Shoulders carried a big load for the Lyons in the game. The Blazers held starting big man Zach Tow to just 14 points. Shouse said they threw some different looks at the Maroons and it seemed to pay off.

“I didn’t think we adjusted well at Lyon,” Shouse said. “We felt like we were going to have to start mixing up our defenses more. It’s hard to play man for 30-plus minutes and that’s how long they were going to play them. We felt like we needed to get some more kids into the rotation and mix up the defenses and try to not sit back and let people do things to you but break it up and make it a little more uncomfortable for them.”

The Blazers fall to 1-4 on the year and are looking to put everything together.

Shouse said he needs his team to limit some self-inflicted mistakes in order to finish a game and get a win.

“I think we’re just making some mistakes that can be prevented,” he said. “We’ve got to clean some stuff up and continue to neutralize the backboard. We have to stay the course and keep showing up to practices every day. We just got to keep playing.”


UHA 17 18 15 10 — 60

MNH 15 14 12 22 — 63

UHA: KJ Crump 20, DJ Quarles 17, Amani McGee 14, Will Bryan 4, Noah SHouse 3, Quinton Quarles 2.

MNH: Kale Gaither 23, Zach Tow 15, Ashton Gaines 13, Danye Frazier 6, Brylton Walker 4, Chris Price 1.

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