For Christian County head coach Kerry Stovall, what his team looks like on day one isn't a worry.

Stovall said the Colonels have had a few setbacks coming into the year, but anticipates they will be just fine

"We've had a lot of injuries that have kind of kept us away from developing the way you would like to in the preseason," Stovall said. "We're young. We've got a really good senior class that provide great leadership. We've got experience coming back … We're not anywhere where we want to be right now … I don't ever worry too much about where we are in November.

"My concern is where we're going to be at the end of February. If we can continue to progress, learn to play together a little bit more than what we are now, we've got a chance to be pretty good."

A young and unproven team will take the floor for County this year, but the road to a regional championship isn't an easy one.

The Colonels play a number of quality opponents throughout the season, and will even get a look at some Second Region teams from the get-go.

"I want to see us play as tough of a schedule as we can," Stovall said. "Of the Courier-Journal's top-25 teams, I think we pay eight of them … I'm worried about region teams when it comes time if we play in the region. We just wanted to play as good a schedule as we could play and those early region teams are definitely going to be difficult games for us, but hopefully, it puts us in a position to play our best at the end of the year."

With a lot of new faces comes some changes as well.

With no juniors listed on their varsity roster, the Colonels are relatively young. Stovall has implemented a new offense as well. The youth brings some growing pains, but the coach believes it will all come together.

"We have kids that are really talented players that are young," Stovall said. "Like any teenager, there's a difficulty sometimes to remain focused and stay focused and that's been our big thing this year. Getting our guys to focus in on getting better each day."

At the end of the day, Stovall said he just wants to see his kids give it 100 percent.

"The biggest thing is just play hard," he said. "I think a lot of times when you win games early in the year, you win on will alone. Right now, we just want to see our guys get after it, we want to see them play hard (and) play together. We've been doing that so far in the preseason and I think we'll continue to do that."

Despite the youth, the expectation is still the same for Christian County.

"This is Christian County. The expectations are regional championships," Stovall said. "My number one expectation for us is our players grow on and off the floor, in and out of the classroom (and) are disciplined on and off the floor. If they can do that on a daily basis, then the first thing I mentioned becomes a possibility. If we can't do those things, then it's just a pipe dream."

The Colonels open the season at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday against Henderson County at home.

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