Todd County Central coach Lee Quarles directs his team during the Lady Rebels’ win over Trigg County on Tuesday.

Todd County Central girls’ basketball has begun the Lee Quarles era on a good note.

A year removed from a three-win season, the Lady Rebels are already one win away from matching its win total from a year ago just two games into the 2021 season.

And with just one senior, things are looking up in Elkton.

“We’re definitely a work in progress,” Quarles said. “I’m not going to say we’re ready to go to Lexington or anything. We’re definitely wanting to play hard and earn what we get. I don’t stress making mistakes. We talk about mistakes in practice. In a game, it’s live, we’ve got to keep going. The future looks bright. I’ve got one senior. Jayla Leavell is tremendous help on and off the court. She teaches, she re-emphasizes what I’m teaching on the floor. … She’s a quiet girl but she works hard. She continues to be a leader for this young team.

“I think the ceiling is high for this team as they continue to step up.”

Taking over the team in one of the craziest offseasons ever, it was even crazier for Quarles, who battled COVID-19 prior to the season beginning. Despite that, he has enjoyed getting to know his players and building the Todd County program back up.

“It’s been hectic,” Quarles said. “I had COVID. I had a player with COVID. I’ve been out. We’ve had to shut down practice over a week. It’s been crazy. When we got back into the gym, we had two-a-days, we had film sessions, we had different things and we had bonding time. We had time where we bought pizza and got to know each other. I think that’s big. The girls are picking up with it. We just talk about adversity all the time.”

The Lady Rebels have started the season with back-to-back wins to start the year. Considering it took nearly 20 games for Todd to get its second win of the season is definitely a step in the right direction.

But as far as Quarles is concerned, this is just the beginning of what he wants his team to do as the year progresses.

“I want to run multiple defenses,” he said. “We’re not close to that yet. We want to run our offensive sets and we want to get out and take our opportunities in the open floor. I want my scorers to have the ball in their hands. We will definitely get better and continue to work on it as the year goes on. Just want to keep them together.”

The Lady Rebels return to action on Friday against Owensboro.

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