Weather permitting, a contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans daytime closures of the NORTHBOUND EXIT RAMP from the Breathitt-Pennyrile Parkway at the KY 800 Crofton Exit 23 Interchange in northern CHRISTIAN County on Thursday and Friday, September 13 & 14, 2018.

This daytime closure of the NORTHBOUND EXIT RAMP to KY 800 at Crofton Exit 23 is to allow the contractor to haul concrete to their paving operation along the northbound lanes of the parkway.

The NORTHBOUND EXIT RAMP to KY 800 at the Crofton Exit 23 interchange will be closed from approximately 6:00 a.m., CDT, to about 4:00 p.m., on Thursday and Friday.  These daytime northbound exit ramp closures are scheduled on a weather permitting basis.

There will be no marked detour.  However, message boards will alert northbound motorists on the Pennyrile who wish to connect to KY 800 at Exit 23 to take the northbound exit at the KY 1682 Hopkinsville Bypass/Martin Luther King, Jr, Way Exit 11 and follow US 41 North as a self-detour.

These ramp closures are for the northbound ramp ONLY at the KY 800 Crofton Exit 23 interchange.  All other ramps at the Pennyrile Parkway/KY 800 Crofton Exit 23 Interhcnage will remain open.  There should be no other impact on two-way traffic that is running along the southbound lanes in this extended work zone.

This is the 4th of approximately 5 or 6 concrete pours required to construct a new concrete driving surface along the Pennyrile Parkway northbound lanes.

As part of this work on Thursday and Friday, a crew will be working on crossovers for a future traffic shift along this work zone.  This phase of the work may require each of the ramps at the Crofton Exit 23 Interchange to be closed for about 30 minutes to facilitate this additional work.

This is the first phase of a concrete pavement reconstruction project along the Pennyrile Parkway that runs from about a mile north of the KY 2642 Overpass starting at milepoint 16.556 extending northward to near the U.S. 41 Ramp Overpass at milepoint 29.9, a distance of 13.344 miles.

The contractor has established 2-way traffic running on the southbound lanes to allow reconstruction of concrete pavement along the northbound lanes.

Motorists should be aware that no passing is allowed along the 2-lane section and should remain alert for message boards and other traffic control devices along the work zone.  This work zone will be divided into about 6 phases spread over about 18 months.

Hall Contracting of KY, INC., is the prime contractor on this $43.2 million rehab project.  This project has a target completion date of August 31, 2019.  The Pennyrile Parkway has been designated as a Future I-169 Spur Corridor.

Appropriate caution is required where equipment, flaggers, and construction personnel are along the roadway in close proximity to traffic flow.

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