Painting, pints and pastries

Downtown business owners Heather and Graham Dawson of The Mixer (from left), Griffin Blane Moore of Griffin’s Studio and Joey Medeiros and Kate Russell of Hopkinsville Brewing Co. practice social distancing Wednesday afternoon at Griffin’s. The businesses are partnering to bring Downtown Date-to-Go for couples quarantined by COVID-19. Online ordering ends tonight.

Couples quarantined at home because of COVID-19 can sprinkle some romance back into their relationship with Downtown Date-to-Go this weekend.

Since restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments are temporarily closed to the public, owners of Hopkinsville Brewing Co., The Mixer and Griffin’s Studio invite customers to bring date night home.

“It’s a neat way for us to come together,” said HBC owner Kate Russell of the partnership. “We are thinking outside-the-box. The three of us, this was not part of our business plan, but what can we do to help each other and keep supporting local? It’s important to all of us.”

Downtown Date-to-Go features painting, pints and pastries. This package for two includes paint-your-own-pottery from Griffin’s Studio, a crowler of craft beer from Hopkinsville Brewing Co. and two desserts from The Mixer.

Russell said customers will be able to choose from nine beers, since they will be debuting a new brew Friday called “Working from Home, Honey” ale.

“It’s our very first can-only release because we can only sell it in crawlers now,” she said. “It is a honey blonde ale. It’s made with 20 pounds of honey ... It gives it a touch of sweetness at the end, but it’s not a super sweet beer. It’s delicious. I’ve enjoyed it.”

For dessert, customers will choose from two desserts from The Mixer — a slice of chocolate-peanut butter cake or cheesecake.

“(The chocolate-peanut butter cake is) a very moist, rich chocolate cake with a peanut butter frosting and a peanut butter-chocolate ganache,” said The Mixer owner Heather Dawson. “The New York-style cheesecake is probably one of the creamiest cheesecakes ever,” she said. “It’s super light, super creamy on a homemade buttery graham cracker crust.”

Orders will be boxed and ready for pickup on Friday.

“Those are two of my most popular desserts,” she said. “Everybody loves those. I’ve worked on these recipes for over a decade.”

Customers will also receive a dessert plate to paint, along with the supplies, from Griffin’s Studio.

“Everything will come with it — the brushes, the glaze, the pottery,” owner Griffin Blane Moore said. “We will have designated dropoff and pickup times here at the studio. I’m going to include all that information with their to-go kit.”

Moore said it’s a project designed for two.

“A couple could paint this together. It’s kind of a fun piece they could do together or if they don’t want to share, we provide a mug to go with the dessert plate,” she said. “Then, they bring it back, we fire it and get it back to them.”

For those individuals who insist they are not artistic, Moore said never fear.

“It’s very easy to make this look good. Once we fire it and it’s really shiny and bright … they always turn out great,” she said.

“It’s going to be a great night and memory with your family. The piece of pottery could last forever, so (you’ll) always have this reminder. You could even make a coronavirus plate to commemorate the month we’ve had. It helps us and hopefully it helps people to have a fun evening.”

Online only orders are accepted at https://hopkinsvillebrewing Orders made by tonight ensure couples get their pick of desserts. Cost of the date-to-go starts at $41.46. Anyone who wants both the plate and the mug will pay a little more for the package.

Pickup will be at the HBC taproom from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. If a different pickup time is needed, customers should message the brewery on Facebook after they order.

Moore said Downtown Date-to-Go is one way the community can help support businesses who have been closed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re small businesses and we depend on this kind of support to really make it through times like this,” she said.

Dawson said it is important for the community to help each other to make happy memories and stay positive until life returns to normal.

“We’re going to remember the really bad times in all of this, but we’re also going to remember all of the really good times — the things that made us laugh, the things that made us smile, the things that brought us closer together,” she said. “That’s what gets us through these kinds of times — that togetherness, that hope.”

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