As the last hour of Independence Day wound down Thursday night, one downtown business was severely damaged by a fire. Around 11:30 p.m. Hopkinsville Fire Department received a call that Ferrell’s Snappy Services was on fire.

According to HFD Captain Michael Pendleton, the 24-hour burger joint located at the corner of Main and 10th Streets was empty except for two workers.

“There’s really not any investigation,” he said. “We pretty much determined that (the fire) started on the grill right there in the front corner of the building.”

When HFD arrived shortly after 11:30 p.m., Pendleton said that the building already had smoke and flames coming from the windows on bot Main and 10th Streets.

“Ladder 11, the main station, was the first in,” he said. “And they were able to get a pretty quick knockdown on the fire.”

He added that there was significant smoke and fire damage by the time the fire was extinguished. Once the grease caught fire, it burned too quickly to save most of the interior of the building.

“There was an extreme amount of heat and smoke in there, with that grease fire,” he said. “Pretty much everything in there was charred.”

According to the New Era’s sister paper in Madisonville, The Messenger, the Ferrell’s location in Madisonville suffered a similar fire in Sept. 2018. That location didn’t reopen until June of this year.

It’s too soon to know what kind of structural damage the Hopkinsville location is looking at, or when it could reopen.

“More than likely, it will be shut down for a while,” Pendleton said.

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