The coronavirus outbreak has had a drastic impact on our way of life. Terms like “social distancing” were unknown just days ago; now, they’re the new normal.

In this time of “six-feet-apart,” “physical isolation” and “self-quarantine” we know that the world can seem a little scary.

We know it feels like there has been a lot of bad news lately. We know the current situation is causing quite a bit of stress and anxiety. We know it’s easy to feel down or lonely right about now.

Here’s what else we know. We know that our community is special. It is strong and it is capable. We know that everyone is doing their part, making sacrifices and working hard, albeit some from the kitchen table or bedroom desk instead of the workplace.

We also know that your community newspaper and the service it provides is more important today than it has ever been.

For generations, the Kentucky New Era has been and continues to be the trusted source for accurate information and fact-based reporting in times of need. We cut through the clutter and meet people where they are at, with the information they need and when they need it most.

Our news team is providing our friends and neighbors with critical information to best protect their families and themselves during these uncertain times.

Our marketing team is making the vital connections with our community business partners who still need us to get their message out.

Our distribution team is making sure our products continue to arrive for the people and places that rely on them every day.

There is a reason that the Kentucky New Era is deemed essential during this time and we continue to serve our mission, meeting the challenge head-on and with laser-focus.

Kentucky’s community newspapers are providing essential information to our towns and cities in many ways, big and small.

We are taking action to keep our friends and neighbors informed on everything from the latest news about the virus itself to the importance of the actions we can take to “flatten the curve” and prevent its further spread in our community.

We are providing resources and connecting citizens who are affected by the unprecedented steps being taken to combat the virus.

Our staff is working around the clock, from home, to knock down rumors and to report, check and distribute verified information to help our communities in a time of need like none we’ve ever seen before.

No business, institution or organization is immune to the effects of this pandemic. The Kentucky New Era is affected too.

We too are in survival mode as many of the community business partners that support local journalism through advertising have had to place holds on their marketing campaigns while their operations are restricted.

As we continue this essential work, we ask that you consider subscribing, support those local businesses who continue to advertise in our issues and if your business is strong and stable perhaps help by placing an advertisement. In essence, supporting the Kentucky New Era is “paying it forward” for the communities we serve.

Now more than ever, the Kentucky New Era remains committed to serving our community when you need us most.

Brandon Cox is the publisher of the Kentucky New Era, Oak Grove Eagle Post and The Cadiz Record in Christian and Trigg Counties. He also manages the newspapers in Madisonville, Dawson Springs, Providence, Russellville and Franklin. He can be reached by email to Follow Brandon on Twitter at @BrandonJCox.

Zirconia Alleyne is the editor of the Kentucky New Era. She also manages the newsrooms of the Oak Grove Eagle Post and The Cadiz Record in Christian and Trigg Counties. She can be reached by email to

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