Last weekend, over 29,000 people swarmed downtown Hopkinsville for the fourth annual Summer Salute Festival. The food and music were great, but the festival made one thing very clear.

Downtown Hopkinsville is coming back.

City leaders have been working hard for years to bring the downtown area back to its former glory. The Downtown Renaissance District has done a great job so far.

Last month, the second annual Squealin’ on the Square festival brought some of the best barbecue around to the area. In September, the second annual Hoptown Harvest Festival will bring up-and-coming musical acts and a farm-to-table dinner to downtown.

The harvest festival will even bring Hopkinsville’s first half marathon.

It’s not just festivals. Look at the Alhambra Theatre. The recently renovated theatre rivals anything you could find in neighboring towns.

Businesses are choosing to move downtown instead of leaving the area. If you stroll down Sixth Street, you will see that business is booming.

You can pick up stylish clothes at Sixth Street Boutique or The Miller’s Son. You can find a great meal at the Bistro on Sixth or take an art class at Griffin’s Studio.

For those who are particular to libations, Hopkinsville Brewing Co. and Main Street Tavern may call your name.

This editorial isn’t just smoke and mirrors. When the New Era began looking for a new home, downtown was at the top of the list.

In November, the New Era will move downtown within walking distance of everything we mentioned above. We are putting our money where our mouth is and glad to become part of the downtown scene.

It took a massive amount of work to get this far in downtown revitalization. It takes a massive amount of work for each festival.

But that work is worth the price. A vibrant downtown brings visitors to the city. Sometimes, those visitors like it so much that they stay.

Hopkinsville cannot flourish without a vibrant downtown. The work so far has been great, but there is still work to be done.

The New Era believes in downtown Hopkinsville. Let’s keep the work going.

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