Paxton Media Group

Paxton Media Group, headquartered in Paducah, has acquired the Kentucky New Era Media Group and its five papers.

The Kentucky New Era Media Group announced to its employees Friday that it has sold its five papers to Paxton Media Group.

In addition to the New Era, the Dawson Springs Progress, the Princeton Times Leader, the Providence Journal-Enterprise and the Oak Grove Eagle Post, will join Paxton Media Group, a family-owned company headquartered in Paducah.

Publisher-editor Taylor W. Hayes said it was important to his family to keep it in the commonwealth and to pass it on to another family.

With the new additions, Paxton now owns more than 35 daily newspapers and numerous weekly publications across Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

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I posted this once but it has "disappeared". but, why would a company take over another and fire half of the staff. Please explain if this is not the case. paxton has bought out our papers, and fired forty plus employees 20 days before Christmas! Way to go Scrooge! Good shot at making the season bright. It will be difficult to support this paper which is no longer ours, but merely a money making opportunity for this paxton group.


Is it true that this company bought our five local publications and less than a month from Christmas, fired 40 or more employees, some of them with 20 years or more experience?? RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS?????????

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