Dancing With Our Stars

Nine dancing couples will take over the Alhambra Theatre starting at 7 p.m. this Saturday for the Dancing with Our Stars event, which will benefit the Pennyroyal Arts Council and Sanctuary, Inc.

The event is sold out, and the performances start at 7:30 p.m.

The judges for the evening were recently announced, and are Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks, Alissa Keller, director of the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County, and local stylist Terry Lacy. The emcee will be Russ Guffey.

The teams are Frank Giles and Jaime Henderson; Taylor Hayes and Erin Namie; Kelli Pendleton and Dominic Vaughn; Lynn Pryor and Carone Tharpe; Whitney Westerfield and Jordan Carr; Tony Prim and Jordan Bishop; Chris Miller and Brooke Bailey Abner; Frankie Thomas and Ali Lancaster; Janet Calhoun and Carone Tharpe.

The teams are set to perform one dance each. The winners will be announced in the categories of crowd favorite, most likes online, most money raised and best dancing according to the judges.

The goal of the evening is to raise $25,000.

Attendees will be offered champagne, desserts and there will be a cash bar at the show.

For more information about contestants on Dancing with Our Stars, go to the event’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com­/DancingWithOurStarsHopkinsville.

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