Rapid response job event planned for former Ebonite employees

On Friday, Nov. 15, Ebonite announced that it had been acquired by Brunswick Bowling Products. All 172 staff members were made aware that they had lost their jobs, starting immediately.

The West Kentucky Workforce Board announced Monday that Kentucky Career Center partners will hold a rapid response event to assist individuals who lost their jobs in employment transition.

Individuals will have the chance to learn about unemployment insurance. Former Ebonite employees cannot apply for unemployment insurance until Jan. 14, as the company will still pay salary and benefits until Jan. 12.

According to a fact sheet from the workforce board, individuals will learn about resume preparation, interviewing skills, job search, techniques to improve job search, workshops, skill upgrades and career counseling.

The event will also cover adult education services, veteran services and vocation rehabilitation for those with mental or physical disabilities.

The local health department will also be on hand to teach individuals about its services including SNAP benefits and the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“There is no cookie cutter approach for services as everyone has different skills, abilities, wants and needs and all services discussed will be individualized to meet the needs of each person as they seek services at the career center,” the fact sheet stated.

The event will be held at 9:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 21 at the Hopkinsville Community College Emerging Technology Building Anderson Room on 720 North Drive.

For more information, go to wkworkforce.work or call 270-886-9484 or email mail@wkworkforce.org.

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