Lone Star Rodeo

Children rode on smaller horses and bulls at the Lone Star Rodeo on Saturday night, trying to stay in the saddle for as long as they could.

Two 9-year-old boys donned in hats, flannel, jeans and boots watched in amazement as cowboys and cowgirls rode Saturday night during the Lone Star Rodeo at the Western Kentucky State Fairgrounds.

Tra Fowler and Landon Everett described themselves as two best friends with dreams of becoming cowboys.

As the boys witnessed all the jam-packed action, it was difficult for one of them to narrow down his favorite part.

“It’s kind of hard,” Landon said. But, Tra knew. He said it was the bull riding and the clown at the rodeo.

The boys got as close to the action as they could, sitting on the concrete slab and looking through the fencing to get the best view. While they sat there, Tra’s mother, Jamee, and his sister, Bralee, watched from a slightly safer distance on the first bench of the stands.

The boys saw some calf roping and other children ride out on smaller bucking horses and bulls. The boys even got to see when one bronco rider, Allen Foster, a 26-year-old from Tennessee, as he tried to cling to a bucking horse as it slammed into the fence not far from the boys.

Afterward, Foster confirmed he was fine and said that it wasn’t that bad. He also expected something like that to happen, so he wasn’t too worried.

Farther down the stands, another pair of friends, Patrick Cook and Ethan Kilbury, two soldiers from Fort Campbell, were watching the rodeo, too. They’ve witnessed plenty rodeos before, but this was their first one in Hopkinsville.

When asked if they wanted to be cowboys, Cook responded quickly saying, “Yes, absolutely. Like Toby Keith.”

Kilbury followed up a little slower saying he would love to be one.

“Those are the dreams,” Cook said, adding they work together as a team, so they could be the rodeo clown and announcer. The pair then rushed back to watch one of Kilbury’s favorite parts of the rodeo, barrel racing.

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