Over the course of the last year I have watched as the news, advertising, distribution and business office teams at the Kentucky New Era have shown agility and resilience in the face of radical change, courage against adversity and growth as the new process of reporting, marketing and distributing the news of Hopkinsville and Christian County have set in. To say that I am incredibly proud of this team would be an understatement.

In the last few weeks, the culmination of many months’ work came to fruition as our staff packed up the office they had known and come to call home for the last 50 years and moved back to historic downtown Hopkinsville on Main Street.

This is no easy task for a daily news source to accomplish.

In fact, the move pretty much happened in one day on Friday, Dec. 20, just before the holidays. Our team came to work on East Ninth Street that Friday morning to produce the Saturday edition of the New Era, and on Monday the same journalists, salespeople, distribution team and administrative staff reported to the new office on South Main Street to produce the Tuesday edition of the newspaper.

As you well know, news happened between Friday and Monday as well. Our team spread out across town – tapping in to free WiFi at the coffee shop or editing copy from home while an incredible team of movers from Kentucky Moving and Storage rushed in literally all of our office furniture in the course of one day. Our IT team worked around the clock to set up the network and reconfigure every computer and machine in the building to be ready for Monday so we could publish Tuesday’s edition from our new home downtown.

Since we’ve moved downtown, we have stayed incredibly busy too.

We’ve led in-depth coverage of several major news stories; reports such as the mayor’s decision to leave his role before his term expires to pursue another opportunity, as well as the details surrounding one of former Governor Matt Bevin’s more controversial pardons prior to leaving office last month.

This team has not missed a beat, all while unpacking our desks and setting up shop in a new home. I may be the only one guilty of driving to the old office on Ninth Street and not realizing that I’m in the wrong place until I had turned into an empty parking lot.

But we’re home now.

The New Era is back downtown where its roots first planted in 1869 at the corner of Seventh and Bethel streets. Today share a parking lot with Mary D. Ferguson’s “this old house” that the newspaper called home for so many decades. We’re on the same block, we just face Main Street and City Hall nowadays.

We like our new digs and look forward to producing a lot more quality journalism in Hopkinsville and Christian County for next 150 years.

We invite you to come see us and our new home. On Friday, Jan. 17 we are hosting a ribbon cutting event with the Christian County Chamber of Commerce at 10:30 a.m., followed by an open house. Come visit, tour the new offices and visit with the Kentucky New Era staff. We’re excited to invite you in – this is your newspaper in the heart of your community.

Personally, I want to thank this community for 150 years of continued support. We could not report the news and tell the stories of the people, places and events that make Christian County unique without the special bond and trust this community has given us.

To those who subscribe and support the work of our talented team of journalists, we appreciate you. To the local businesses that choose our various mediums to share their marketing messages, your support allows us to deliver the excellent work of our journalists to our shared audience – which continues to grow, by the way.

If you are not a subscriber, I encourage you to consider a modest investment for your own benefit. There is no better tool than the Kentucky New Era to remain connected to the pulse of your community, remain engaged with its happenings and to be informed about the issues of the day. There are several options available to you, whether you’re a traditional print reader or a tech-savvy browser.

Your Kentucky New Era works every day to foster a community identity, set the agenda for local dialogue, and encourage personal and economic growth all while recording the history of our time. The team at 713 South Main Street participates in a noble and worthy task, and we’re honored to do it in this great community.

Your support allows us to serve our mission of building a community by connecting people with information, ideas and each other to that they can make a difference. 

Thank you, and we hope to see you Friday.

Brandon Cox is the publisher of the Kentucky New Era in Hopkinsville, Ky. He can be reached by email to bcox@kentuckynewera.com. Follow him on Twitter at @BrandonJCox.


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