It wasn’t long ago I found myself surrounded by the enemy. I could feel their eyes on me, and even if they weren’t looking right at me, I still knew I stood out in bright blue against their blood red.

They smiled and laughed, looking down at me as I helplessly watched them destroy my comrades.

It was October, the month when legends are born. I was watching Game 6 of the World Series where the St. Louis Cardinals came back in extra innings against the Texas Rangers. The Cardinals’ victory pushed the series into Game 7. It was an epic game, and I was glad to be there at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

It’s in the heat of playoff games, on the journey to championship, that legends are born, phenomenal plays are immortalized and memories are made.

Just a few weeks ago, I encouraged all of you to take advantage of having a local sports team — the Hoptown Hoppers — to watch this summer. If you missed your chance to eat hotdogs while cheering for the Hoppers, do not despair. You still have an opportunity to show your support. Thursday, the Hoppers will take on the winner of Tuesday’s game between Marion and Owensboro.

Thursday’s game will be the second game in a best-of-three playoff series. If the Hoppers win, they will advance to take on the winners of the Madison-Fulton playoff series. So when Thursday comes around, grab your friends and family — a few chairs isn’t a bad idea either — and come out and cheer for Hopkinsville's baseball team. Let’s fill the stands with our fans as we fill the air with cheers, claps and a rousing rendition of “Take me out to the Ball Game.”

 Or better yet, if you have the time, take those same family members, those same friends and those same chairs and make the relatively short trip to the away game at either Marion or Owensboro, and cheer for the Hoppers from the start. It’s the playoffs, and you better believe the other teams will have some of their fans traveling to Hopkinsville to cheer against our team.

There’s nothing quite like standing your ground and loudly cheering on your team as those around you cheer against you. It’s even more exciting when there’s something on the line worth winning — or losing.

Despite how the Rangers lost Game 6 (and the rest of the series), I had a great time in St. Louis. You instantly had friends whenever you saw another individual wearing your colors or your team’s name. And in St. Louis, even the enemy was a pleasant and oftentimes charming conversationalist. I would imagine those Hoppers away games are no different.

I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories I have from Game 6 of the World Series, except maybe a World Series title for the Rangers.

Ah, there’s always this year.

 MONICA K. SMITH writes an occasional column with an online blog where she discusses some serious and some not-so-serious business. You can follow her online at and reach her at 270-887-3243 or

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