Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland partnered with community leaders to distribute food to Oak Grove residents Tuesday.

According to a release from Feeding America, 290 households in Oak Grove received boxes of nonperishable food items at the Oak Grove Community Center.

Community center director and coordinator Melissa Lynch and 20 community volunteers helped to distribute the food in a drive-thru style following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“It flowed so well,” Lynch said in a phone interview. “Everybody just came together, and it was a great experience. I was glad to be able to help our residents. That’s my passion to make sure our residents have what they need.

“Some of our residents are having to choose to buy their meds or food,” Lynch continued. “Some of our residents are at home because they’ve been displaced by COVID-19, so when it was brought to me, I was willing to do whatever.”

Jamie Sizemore, FAKH executive director, said getting more food distribution into Christian County is important to the Feeding America food bank.

“Christian County is the largest county in our 42-county service area and we realize there may be many barriers for individuals, families, and seniors to have access much needed food items,” Sizemore said. “It’s important we take the food to the areas where accessibility may be an issue.”

Together with the mayor of Oak Grove, the community center and other community partners, FAKH will begin a schedule to distribute USDA TEFAP food in July 2020. The distributions will be open to any resident of Christian County.

Lynch said the date will be announced soon, but she is looking forward to more volunteers.

“Come out and support Feeding America because they are doing this for our residents to make sure they are well taken care of,” she said, thanking the Thomas A. Sims lodge and some city officials who volunteered Tuesday.

Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland serves as the regional food bank for Christian County, as well as 41 other surrounding counties in central, southcentral and western Kentucky.

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