Nearly a year after its approval in the 2019-2020 budget, the City of Hopkinsville has made its records open to the public online via hop in hopes of a more transparent relationship with its citizens.

The portal comes at an annual charge of $600 through Laserfiche, a program the city has used in previous projects. Citizens can find all legislative records, city contracts and agreements, ethics records and board meeting minutes provided to the clerk’s office by other agencies.

To find the public records, go to the government drop-down box and click “search public records” under the “City Clerk” tab on the city’s website.

After navigating to this page, citizens have the option to browse amongst the records provided or use keywords to search for the specific records wanted.

City Clerk Crissy Fletcher said the city wants people to see and understand what is going on in their community to the fullest, which led to the creation of this new system to give access to public records.

“We wanted to put this out in the public because we want to be more transparent as far city council records so people can see what actions have been taken and what they adopted,” Fletcher said. “Also, the city contracts we feel is important for the public to know.”

With records going back as far as 1940 and the capability to save or print records free of charge, the people of Hopkinsville will have full clarity in regards to the happenings and decisions of the town for the foreseeable future.

If problems arise in searching for a certain record, contact Fletcher for assistance with finding the record or for information on filing an open records request.

Gage Johnson is an intern through the Kentucky Press Association. Reach him at

Gage Johnson is an intern through the Kentucky Press Association. Reach him at

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