Despite nursing homes being locked down because of the pandemic, residents can still vote in the upcoming election via absentee ballot.

Residents of nursing homes can request a ballot by visiting and clicking on the “absentee ballot request” tab.

Elections Coordinator Melinda Humphries said if residents need some assistance requesting the ballot online, a coordinator or director at the nursing homes can do so.

“We’ve always had a process even before this, because you know absentee voting has been going on for decades,” Humphries. “Say there’s a coordinator for example at a nursing home. She has to get written consent from the voter. They send those documents to our office stating ‘hi, I’m so and so,’ it’s on their letterhead, that says ‘I’m so and so’ with their signature and put their information and say ‘may I please request a ballot.’ ”

Having the residents vote via absentee ballot was something that was suggested at the beginning of the pandemic, in order to do whatever they could to keep the elderly population safe from the virus.

“We told them early on, even before we had restrictions such as that we know of right now, we would rather those residents not vote in-person if possible because everything was so new,” Humphries said. “Whatever we can do to protect them, we will do.”

With the Primary Election taking place on Tuesday, June 23, all residents have until Monday to request their absentee ballot.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked by June 23 and can be returned via mail or in drop boxes at the Christian County Sheriff’s Office or the old Christian County Courthouse.

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