Longtime Ward 9 incumbent Patricia Waddell-Bell maintained her seat on Hopkinsville City Council facing a close race with Ardell Owens, her first challenger in several years.

Waddell-Bell had 176 votes while Owens had 149.

"That's too close for comfort," Waddell-Bell said when she heard the results. "I am surprised, I am excited, but I'm disappointed too because people didn't come out to vote. I walked and walked and walked these streets (campaigning)."

Owens said he was dissatisfied with the loss but plans to run again in two years.

"Looking at the numbers, that shows that there are people who want the change," he said. "I might have lost the race, but I ain't done. I'm still going to do what it takes to help my ward and the city, whether that's being on a board or the neighborhood association.

"The area of Ward 9 needs help," he continued. "We're lacking some things."

During their sole debate earlier this month, the candidates shared similar views on city spending and inner-city improvement projects.

Waddell-Bell said Tuesday she forgot to mention during the debate that she is working on a housing project in Durrett Avenue neighborhood where she lives.

"I'm trying get some houses built in this neighborhood," said Waddell-Bell, who will be serving her 21st year on city council. "I want homeowners. I know everybody doesn't want to own a home, but when you own a home, you take better care of it."

In closing, Owens said to Waddell-Bell, "I tip my hat to her, and I wish her good luck."

Waddell-Bell does not have an opponent in the November General Election.

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