The Local Development Corporation has agreed to partner with the Hopkinsville-Christian County YMCA to get USDA grant funding for building repairs.

According to Downtown Renaissance Director Holly Boggess, the YMCA applied for a Rural Business Development Grant through the USDA, but needed a qualifying 501(c)3 to be the pass-through agency for the funding.

“The type of nonprofit they are precluded them from being an eligible applicant for those funds, so they had to seek a partnership with a 501(c)3,” Boggess said. “You qualify as the 501c3.”

No matching funds will be required from the LDC, she noted. Instead, the YMCA will receive $50,000 from the USDA, but it will be passed through the LDC.

According to Boggess, the YMCA will use the funds to correct some HVAC issues, make the front of the building more accessible and replace some lights with LED lighting to assist with costs.

In an indirect effect, Boggess said the funds will also help the Y keep staff.

“They were faced with either looking at a reduction of staffing to be able to make these improvements or get this grant funding to make those improvements and they can maintain staff,” Boggess said.

The board approved a resolution for the grant. A timeline on those funds and the project was not available. LDC Board Chair Peg Hays said a project like this is one of the benefits of the Local Development Corporation.

According to the City of Hopkinsville website, this board promotes and undertakes activities to meet community development and housing needs, to prevent or eliminate slums and blight, and to promote economic development and neighborhood revitalization in Christian County. Board members serve four-year terms.

“I love the many great things the LDC is able to do to help people be able to enhance their agencies,” Hays said.

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