Todd Fiscal Court heard updates from Emergency Management Director Daniel Smith about preparations to reopen the Todd County Courthouse on June 1.

Smith said, “We’re making sure all the building renovations and requirements are done. As far as PPE, we’ve met the requirements for that.”

Magistrates voted for Smith to serve as application agent for the county to apply for FEMA grant money that is available.

“Yes, there’s a lot of money out there and yes, the county qualifies for it,” he said, noting that he would be finding out specifically what ways the county can be reimbursed for coronavirus-related expenses.

Judge-Executive Todd Mansfield commended Smith for his work managing the pandemic in the county, which has confirmed 18 cases of the virus.

“He’s been on top of this from day 1,” Mansfield said. “He’s been very helpful to me during this process. He’s taken a lot of the stuff that has needed to be done and did a great with it.”

The judge-executive noted that glass barriers have been put up in all the county offices and more COVID-19 renovations are being done to prepare the courthouse to reopen June 1.

Also during Friday’s virtual Zoom meeting, Todd Fiscal Court approved a 45 mph speed limit on the Todd County portion of Britmart Road. Signs will go up soon.

The court will also consider a speed limit of 35 mph for Crawford Road, where the magistrate for that area said constituents asked for one.

Also Friday, magistrates approved several project bids.

Two separate rock bids were approved for the north and south portions of the county. Road Builders will do rock work at the north end of the county. Todd County Stone will do rock work at the central and south ends of the county.

Magistrates accepted the fuel/oil bid and a separate antifreeze bid from Key Oil.

A concrete bid was accepted from IMI, and Scotty’s Contracting and Stone received the bid for road paving.

In other business, County Attorney Jeff Traughber reported that the sheriff turned over 430 delinquent tax bills to the clerk’s office, and letters for payment of those bills will go out to delinquent taxpayers by June 15.

“I was pleased to see the number wasn’t a lot higher due to the coronavirus,” Traughber said. “430 is about average.”

Todd County Jailer Jeff Penick is looking for a van to replace a vehicle that was totaled last year. Mansfield noted that the jailer said it makes more sense for the jail to have a van versus a car.

There is $23,000 in the budget for this purchase, Mansfield said.

Magistrates voted to allow the jailer to seek bids for the van.

The court also approved the jail’s medical contract with Southern Health Partners and a kitchen services contract with Kellwell Food Management. Both contracts will begin July 1.

The jail currently has 99 inmates in house; 90 of those are state inmates.

In other business

  • The court is looking for a new software program for county payroll and finance, as the current system the county uses will be obsolete in January.
  • Magistrates voted to cover Todd County Child Support payroll and insurance costs until that office is reimbursed by the state. The county will be reimbursed the approximate $8,500 expense.
  • The next fiscal court meeting is June 12, and Mansfield plans for the court to meet in person. The meeting will also be streamed on Facebook Live. A suggested seating arrangement for social distancing is arranged.

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