Blue Towers

The Blue Light Tower call boxes on the Hopkinsville Rail Trail greenway system are now available should trail users need assistance in the event of a medical event, lost child, bike fall or other emergency.

The devices may also be used by local officials to broadcast Code Red or other area alerts to trailgoers.

These beacons for public safety deliver completely wireless emergency phone operation, 24/7 — 365, even in harsh weather conditions, with both voice connectivity, broadcast warning capability, flashing strobe, and night area light to assist responders in locating callers.

When activated by pressing the red HELP button, each unit’s blue strobe light will illuminate and connect callers directly with 911 dispatchers. Should calls be disconnected, dispatchers are able to call the boxes back as needed.

Other key features of the solar-powered call boxes include offsite battery backups and built-in cameras that take date and time stamped images of the area.

Call boxes are located along the walking trail at three locations:

1) Between the public library and Westside Park,

2) Near the North Drive trailhead, and

3) Along the trail near the Canton Street bridge.

For questions or more information about these useful safety devices, please contact the city’s IT Division at 270-890-0212.

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